Programme Update: February 2018

During January, the structural steelwork for the school’s Sports Hall roof has been installed, and the roof concreted. The concrete works have continued on the tower’s structure, with the lift core now constructed to Level 14 and the floor slabs constructed to Level 10. The concrete works to the Nile Street block have been completed … Continue reading Programme Update: February 2018

Programme Update: January 2018

During December, we have installed the protective screen around the tower to allow the concrete floor slab and column construction to continue up to the 8th floor. The tower’s lift core construction has progressed well and is now at the 12th floor. The concrete walls around the school’s sports hall roof have been constructed to … Continue reading Programme Update: January 2018

Programme Update: December 2017

During November, we have worked hard to complete the new school’s concrete structure. The concrete works to the residential block along Nile Street have now been completed on the second floor. The towers concrete lift core has now been completed to Level 11, whilst the floor slabs have been completed up to Level 6. A … Continue reading Programme Update: December 2017

Programme Update: November 2017

During October 2017, the project’s ground floor slab has been completed in all areas. The new school’s ground floor columns and walls have been constructed, with the level 1 slab under construction. The residential tower’s core has progressed to level 6, with the level 2 tower slab under construction. The residential block along Nile Street … Continue reading Programme Update: November 2017

Occupational Health Check On Site

As part of our company's wellbeing programme, Clarity Health Care undertook a health screening day at our Nile Street site. A 15 minute consultation that covered height, weight, blood pressure and involved standing on a device that measured BMI, hydration, and muscle mass and biometric age proved to be very popular. Twenty four people took … Continue reading Occupational Health Check On Site

Nile Street site team redecorate Blue Hut Community Hall

As part of our community engagement programme we have undertaken the refurbishment of the Blue Hut with a family run painting and decorating company based in Hackney. The Blue Hut is a community youth centre adjacent to our site that offers services to young people aged between 8 – 25 years old. These services include … Continue reading Nile Street site team redecorate Blue Hut Community Hall

Programme Update: October 2017

Works during September 2017 During September, the site has completed the concrete to the basement slab and the basement’s columns. The ground floor slab construction has continued to enclose the basement areas. Drainage and the foundations for the new school have been completed, with the first area of the school’s ground floor slab concrete poured. … Continue reading Programme Update: October 2017

Programme Update: September 2017

Works during August 2017 During August, construction of the basement slab has continued. The concrete for the first section of the tower’s lift and stair core was poured up to first floor, with this section concreted it enabled us to bring to site and to start assembly of the self-climbing jump form system that is … Continue reading Programme Update: September 2017

Programme Update: July 2017

Works during July 2017 During July, we have continued constructing the basement slab. Drainage has been installed in the basement slab as the works progress. Works to the school’s ground floor slab have commenced with the excavation and trimming of the supporting piles. Our first tower crane was erected over the weekend of 8/9th July. … Continue reading Programme Update: July 2017

Important Update: Extended working hours for tower crane erection

RE: Notification of extended working hours for tower crane erection Further to the April and May monthly newsletters that we have previously distributed which have provided outline details of our tower crane erection, we would like to take the opportunity to give you advance warning that the New Regent’s College project will temporarily extend its … Continue reading Important Update: Extended working hours for tower crane erection